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|Скандал в связи с наймом иностранных специалистов разразился в Австралиии. На борту занимающегося бурением разведочных скважин на шельфе Австралии судна "Bavenit" находятся сотрудники из России, им выплачивается меньшая заработная плата, чем их австралийским коллегам... , 24.09.2005, сообщение от "Брокера"|

Unions fume at Russian recruits,

Brad Norington.

September 23, 2005

MULTINATIONAL energy company Chevron has been accused of using cheap Russian labour to replace Australian workers for a gas-drilling project in northwest Western Australia.

Australian Workers Union national secretary Bill Shorten yesterday condemned Chevron for using about 20 Russians aboard the drilling vessel SRV Bavenit for work he said could be performed by local employees. 

Mr Shorten said the work performed by the Russians on the North West Shelf project, whom he believed were employed on inferior wages and conditions, was not specialist work as the company claimed. 

"This is drilling work that Australians should be doing," he said. "We are putting in a claim for the work." 
The 20 Russians, hired to take core samples from up to 100m below the surface, live and work on board the Bavenit alongside about 22 other maritime crew, who are Australian. 

The issue of foreign workers taking the jobs of locals on cheaper pay rates rankles with unions, most recently in 2002 when the Canadian shipping company CSL introduced Ukrainian crews in Australian waters. 

Chevron yesterday denied that the hiring of Russian crew members was extraordinary, saying it was common to use foreign workers for specialist operations. 
Company spokesman Scott Walker said the Russians were needed for specialist geo-technical marine work for the company's massive Gorgon gas project, which it promotes as "the future of Australian energy". Mr Walker said that while Chevron was aware of the Russian crew, it did not employ them. 
He said geo-technical work was contracted to another company, Fugro, which contracted another firm, Total Marine Services, for staffing. 

Total Marine Services general manager John Flood said his company hired the Australian maritime crew but the Russians came with the vessel and were not employed by his company. 

Maritime Union of Australia organiser Rod Curry said the union had great difficulty trying to find out who employed the Russians and language difficulties had proved an obstacle to communication with the Australian crew aboard the Bavenit. 
Source: RussianNews.net

Aussie Workers Sidelined - The Russians are Coming,

AWU National Office.

21 September 2005.

The Australian Workers' Union has condemned the move which has resulted in the Russian drilling vessel S.R.V. Bavenit docking today at Dampier Port in Western Australia with a Russian drilling crew.
AWU National Secretary Bill Shorten said this work has always been carried out by Australian workers but in this case ChevronTexaco has left Aussies workers standing on the beach watching the Russian crew perform their work at massively inferior terms and conditions.
"Several of our officials in the Pilbara will meet the vessel when it docks this morning and they intend to meet with the owners of the vessel to demand Australian workers and Australian workplace conditions be employed on the vessel."
"Our officials have been in contact with some of crew whilst the vessel waits to dock and will be also meeting with some of the crew. We have been in contact with the unions including the MUA representing the marine crew who have expressed their support for our campaign. We also understand that those unions already have concerns regarding safety conditions on the vessel."
"This project to drill liquefied natural gas is worth $11 billion to the Australian economy - yet it won't benefit Aussie workers whilst foreign workers draw the direct benefits from our nation's resources."
"Its about time the Federal Government steps in and ensures Aussie jobs go to Aussie workers - however they seem more interested in finding ways to drive down wages and conditions to the same levels as those who work in Russia" Mr. Shorten said.
The AWU has made representations to the WA State Government and Federal Government on the issue and is considering taking by all possible action to ensure Australian workers have right of preference for Australian jobs in the Oil and Gas Industry.
Source: Australian Workers' Union


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