Input/Output's MSX™ fiber optic telemetry multi streamer system provides superior data collection with one of the widest frequency bandwidths in the industry.
The system are supporting 16 streamers and 7,680 channels.
Advanced user-interface design with a hands-off approach increases efficiency and automation by providing quick and easy monitoring as well as quality-controlling of all in-water equipment. Hardware and software designed for one-man operation. This "single look" concept provides instantaneous detection of errors and superior Quality Control.

Comprehensive set of Quality Control including:
- Real-time data-snooping;
- System Event and Header checks;
- Monitoring of chassis' health;
– Seismic, QC displays;
- Acceptance tests.

Technical  specifications  INPUT/OUTPUT  MSX System

 • Array-processing Options:
   adjacent channel-summing
   (12.5 summed to 25 m)
 • High-cut Filter Options:
   none (digital anti-alias
   in Streamer module of MSX)
 • Low-cut Filter Options*:
   - OUT (unswitchable Analog
   filter 2 Hz @ 6 dB/octave);
   - 2 Hz (Analog filter +2 Hz @
   6 dB/octave);
   - 4 Hz (Analog filter +4 Hz @
   12 dB/octave);
   - 6 Hz (Analog filter +6 Hz @
   12 dB/octave);
   - 8 Hz (Analog filter +8 Hz @
   18 dB/octave).
 • Low-cut Filter Type: digital;
   Infinite Impulse Response (IIR)
 • Low-cut Filter Application:
   Seismic & Auxiliary data to display,
   tape (both or none)
 • Number of Water-break Channels:
   up to one per Streamer module
 • Supported Tape Drive:
   IBM, Magstar, 3590
 • Number of Tape Units: up to 8
   on each recording buss
 • Dual-recording: Simultaneously on
   SCSI busses A & B
 • Interfaces:
   - Guns- RS-232 Serial or Ethernet;
   - Navigation- RS-232 Serial or
   - Network- Ethernet hub provided
   for printer, external data port,
   X-terminal, etc.;
   - Plotter- Versatec interface;
   - External control- Configurable
   polarity, optically-isolated;
   - Start- Input from Navigation
   - Fire- Output to Source controller;
   - Time Break- Input from
   Navigation/Source controller
 • Types of displays:
   - Channel-set plots & amp;
   - Cable Monitor with real-time
   data-snooping; trace-header &
   channel-set decoders; rms-noise
   gate per channel per shot;
   oscilloscope displays multiplexed &
   de-multiplexed data
 • Data-snooping: Real-time,
   user-defined detection of dead,
   weak, noisy & spiking channels
   displayed on Cable Monitor

 • Oscilloscope: Single channel or
   1,920-multiplexed channels @
   2-ms sampling rate
 • GPS time synchronization
 • Automatic observer's and
   tape cartridge's logs
 • Instrument QC:
   - Types of tests: Noise, impulse
   response, total harmonic distortion,
   cross-feed, digital pattern, dynamic
   range & spectral analysis;
   - Automated testing:  Instrumental
   QC-editing for cables, recorder,
   beginning-of-line, during-line,
   end-of-line & user-defined tests;
   - Test output-raw data: Tape,
   display & print;
   Test output-analysis: Display,
   print, plot & file
 • Cable Power:
   - 2,000 W max per streamer;
   - Constant current;
   - Control ON/OFF via
   operator-interface or Power
   - Tension-monitoring of cables:
   Operator's display in Newtons &
   panel's display in pounds-force
   (average or peak-to-peak);
   data records to tape inside header
   after every shot (requires Cable
   Head Section installed into each
 • Auxiliary Channels:
   - Base number of channels:
   16 (HSX & MSX TM modules
   are not included);
   - Channel-expansion increment: 32;
   - Maximum number of channels: 64;
   - Channel GAIN (fixed): Seismic GAIN
   x 1/10;
   - Sampling rate: Matches seismic chs;
   - Maximum input signal: 20.48V;
   - Frequency response: Matches
   seismic channels;
   - Power consumption: 50 W for base
   16-channel configuration
 • Physical Equipment:
   - Console (OCM);
   - Desktop workstation with dual,
   20-inch, color displays;
   - SeisQC (EVP) 20-inch,
   color display;
   - Plotter 24-inch, 200/400 dpi,
   thermal plot;
   - Printer HP postscript laser
   with Ethernet interface
 • Ambient operating temperature:
   +10°C to +40°C (+10°F to +40°F)

 System Maximums For Each Sampling Rate:

Sampling Rate 0.5 ms 1 ms 2 ms 4 ms
Total capacity of seismic channels 1,360 3,840 7,680 7,680
Streamer Interface Modules (SIMs) 4 4 4 4
Channels per SIM 340 960 1,920 1,920
Streamer cables per SIM 4* 4* 4* 4*
Cables per system 16* 16* 16* 16*

*Number of raw channels may not exceed maximum number of channels per SIM.


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