Sea Bed Acquisition Products: SeaRay

To address the growing demands of the geophysical industry for ever larger channel counts and greater layout flexibility, Sercel has expanded upon the well known 408UL system to include even greater capabilities and ownership value in the 428XL acquisition system with all new hard-ware and software specifically designed to meet these needs. Sercel's SeaRay systems are fully compatible with both members of the 400 Series family, and specifically designed for redeployable four-component seabed seismic acquisition.
Capable of seismic operations to water depths of 300 meters (500 meters with specific handling care), SeaRay has also been designed with a smaller and lighter cable option capable of the same operations in water depths of less than 100 meters, where smaller and shallower draft vessels are commonly deployed.
The omni-directional, 3-component 428XL Digital Sensor Unit (DSU) that is the heart of SeaRay provides superior sensor coupling and vector fidelity, and is insensitive to any tilt of the sensor package on the sea floor. With a system capacity of up to 100,000 seismic channels, proven hardware designs and a system architecture that incorporates built-in multi-route system power and data telemetry redundancy; SeaRay provides unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and reliability in the field.

Features and Benefits

1. Specially designed for re-deployable operations.
2. High level of reliability and data integrity:
- Fault tolerant to power and transmission breakdowns;
- Distributed waterproof electronics with few connectors;
- Field proven electronics / robust mechanics;
- Permanent instrument tests.
3. Low power consumption:
- Longer cables;
- Increased channel capacity.
4. Strong Coupling inherent to its design.
5. Lightweight, small diameter and flexible equipment:
- Easier handling;
- Reduced storage requirements.

SeaRay Brochure


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