PGS Fleet

PGS  operates a fleet of six Ramform vessels and 4 classic vessels.

The Ramforms

The Ramforms tow up to 20 streamers. The Ramform is one of the most distinctive and effective designs in the history of marine seismic technology. The wedge shape hull, with its extraordinarily wide beam, affords motion characteristics, stability and maneuverability well-suited to the smooth and efficient towing of ultra-high streamer counts, even in rough weather. Its wide stern provides a uniquely large working area that is ideal for the efficient handling of seismic equipment. An extremely low noise output assures that the Ramform acquires higher quality data than conventional competitors.


Ramform Explorer (1995)
This boat launched the Ramform class and was the first ever seismic vessel to tow eight streamers and later the first to tow 12 streamers.

Ramform Challenger (1996)
The second Ramform class vessel.

Ramform Valiant (1998)
his was the first of the 20 streamer "V" ships in the Ramform series.

Ramform Viking (1998)
Built alongside the Ramform Valiant and launched three months later.

Ramform Victory (1999)
As one of the newest of the "V" ships.

Ramform Vanguard (1999)
The last of the six-vessel new-build program.


Classic Vessels

American Explorer
Length : 91,4 m
Breath : 22,0 m
Draft : 6,2 m

Date Built/Rebuilt : 1983/1994

This vessel was previously the Shell America, owned and operated by Shell prior to an extensive refit and upgrade in 1994.
American Explorer has during May, 2005 gone through an extensive upgrade in Ølen, Norway. All propulsion motors have been changed, new solid streamers have been installed and there have been extensive maintenance and repairs done to the vessel. 
“We were very happy to finally being able to upgrade the streamers”, says Rolf Rønningen, President Marine Acquisition. “The new sections are filled with a material called BVF (Buoyant Void Filler), which is more environmental friendly than the old fluid filled streamers. With the new solid streamers there will be no discharge to the environment and we will also have an improved operating up-time.”
American Explorer has been owned by PGS since 1994. “She is a very important vessel for PGS, which is why we decided to invest in this upgrade”, Rønningen explains. “American is more flexible than the Ramform fleet for smaller jobs as deployment and recovery takes shorter time. Having a broad range of vessels to choose from makes PGS competitive in all types of jobs".


Atlantic Explorer
Length : 91,5 m
Breath : 18 m
Draft : 7,5 m

Date Built/Rebuilt : 1987/1994

The industry’s second six-streamer ship, and the first vessel to offer full onboard seismic data processing, came into operation in 1994.


Nordic Explorer
Length : 82 m
Breath : 16,5 m
Draft : 6,25 m

Date Built/Rebuilt : 1986/1993

In 1993 was the first ever to tow a five-streamer spread, and the vessel which pioneered multiple banks of streamer reels, later has been upgraded to six-streamer capacity.


Ocean Explorer
Length : 81,1 m
Breath : 18 m
Draft : 5,2 m

Date Built/Rebuilt: 1979/1993

Launched in 1993 initially as a five-streamer vessel, now has a six-streamer capacity. In common with the rest of the PGS fleet, Ocean Explorer offers full onboard seismic processing on parallel computers.


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